Planning your trip

I thought it was about time I created a page about what to take on your travels. I’ve only got a small Suzuki Grand Vitara (two door) but it’s perfectly adequate for my needs. It’s an all wheel drive, so not a true four wheel drive, which means I can go off-road but not over roads like the Gibb River Road, which is much more isolated and also has many hazards like pot holes etc.

But driving to Broome I went off-road quite a few times along the Nullabor, and around Broome I’ve driven to Willie Creek no problems and could have actually driven up to Cape Leveque as well (but flying was a much better idea!)

For big road drives, the most important thing is of course to have your car serviced, tyre pressure checked and spare wheel in good order. Then majorly important is to take plenty of water in case of getting stranded somewhere and having to wait for assistance. The roads in WA are pretty good and there are roadhouses where you can buy fuel, but it’s worth taking a jerry can with extra fuel anyway. (If you read my blog about arriving in Broome you’ll see that I made a BIG mistake and actually ran out of petrol about 30k out of Broome. Luckily I am a member of the RAC but I still had to wait on the side of the road on a hot day for a couple of hours.)

Having a good map is worthwhile, as GPS may not work when out of range. Things like not driving at dusk because that’s when you’re likely to encounter kangaroos etc. crossing the roads, and being wary of passing road trains (I usually pull over and let them pass me as they’re going full throttle and it’s safer that way). Often though, if it’s a particularly slow road train they will indicate for you to pass them.

Just a few hints about safe travel and I’ve listed a few websites I’ve found helpful, on another page.


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