Night of the Sun

Broome’s famous outdoor picture theatre

Some nights are memorable, are they not?

Last night fell into that category for me.  A friend generously offered me a free ticket to watch the new movie ‘Mamma Mia’ at the famous Sun Theatre here in Broome.

It was the first time I had ever been to this world-famous outdoor cinema which first opened its doors in 1916 to the British racing drama called Kissing Cup.  Since then, plenty of other rather more famous movies have got an airing, as the posters all over the walls demonstrate.  They range from King Kong and Lawrence of Arabia to Titanic and The Godfather, while golden-age star photos include John Wayne, Marilyn Munroe and Marlene Dietrich.

Note the deck chair seating

So, armed with some wintery woolies which hardly see the light of day, let alone night, here in Broome, my friend and I settled ourselves into the deck-chair seating and added a rug over our knees for extra warmth.  Oh, and of course we enjoyed the obligatory choc-top ice cream.

Interesting display of photos inside the shop

It was a marvellous occasion with plenty of laughter and Abba music to cheer things along.  It was pure escapism, and isn’t that why we go to the movies?  No mind-blowing, soul-searching, heart-rending stories here … just good old-fashioned fun and frolics.

Memorabilia inside the theatre


Years ago, I was sagely told by a devotee of heavy rock music that I was ‘a bit of a dag’ because I enjoyed listening to Abba.  And so for many years I tried to hide my passion for listening to the happy, fun and laughter-producing music.  Big mistake.  Hiding one’s true feelings does not make for a happy life.


Now, thankfully, the inhibitions have been swept aside and I can honestly say that last night was truly memorable, in more ways than one.  A real first.  And another positive step into the freedom of living an authentic and spiritual life.



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