Broome – a place for Fascinators

Today I went for a long walk along my favorite part of Cable Beach, exploring the rocks and picking up interesting shells for my collection.

I had breakfast at Millies Cafe in the Cable Beach Caravan Park, Related imagewhich had been recommended to me and as usually happens, I got talking to one of the young waitresses there.

People are often intrigued as to what I am doing alone in Broome, whether it be enjoying a coffee somewhere, eating a meal, or simply sitting in my chair down by the beach reading a book.  It seems expected that “someone else” is about to join me, and when this doesn’t happen, there ensues a conversation as to what I am doing in this part of the world – alone.

I have to say though, it’s a great way to meet people!

Even being absorbed in my book down near the beach people will comment as they walk past and then often stop for a chat.  Broome is that kind of town, where people have either drifted here on their travels, loved it and decided to stay, or they’ve lived here for years and therefore now consider themselves to be a “local”.

Currently I have two lots of voluntary work happening – one is at the Broome Visitors’ Centre, where, would you believe, I am helping visitors to Broome with their questions, about such things as where are the best places to sight see, to eat, shop etc. and the other is at Broome Trash & Treasure, an op shop owned by Melva Stone OAM with proceeds donated to the Royal Flying Doctors’ Service.

Both places of work are fantastic for meeting and talking with people and since I’ve been at the Broome Visitors’ Centre I’ve caught up with two lots of people I know from Melbourne, who are ‘grey-nomading’ around the country with their four wheel drives and caravans.

Needless to say, they received quite a surprise when they saw me at the Broome Visitors’ Centre!

There’s a lot on in Broome right now, being the height of the tourist season.  The Broome Cup was held this past weekend.  Hard to believe that there are actually horse races in Broome – but they are extremely popular and well-attended with the women getting very dressed-up, even wearing Fascinators, which I didn’t think existed outside the Melbourne Cup!!

PS: I actually sold the (one and only) black Fascinator to a customer in the Op Shop yesterday …


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